02 - 06 - 2020
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Reasons why Ove won't forget his vacation 2009

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There are many reasons why Ove still misses his vacation...

Here in this terrace he enjoys the views watching people around while programming ATA...
Here also in this terrace one time, Ove woke up in the morning and our breakfast was
ready, gosh, maybe he was still sleepy, he accidentally hit the kettle and there fell all the
warm water in his feet.  he cook his own feet...hehehe

He was on vacation but his mind was already program in ATA...Program and eat

When we are not out,here he is in front of his computer, phewwwww.....

This was the yummy fish my mom made for us...

And this Phil., mangoes became his favorite fruits...He misses mangoes so much...

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