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"Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."


                            Why did it have to end this way ? ...         


Good stories are sometimes lost for good together with lessons that we can all learn from no matter how young or old we are.

This is a true love story way back during my senior year in college. Alma, was a  neighbor just next door who, at that time was also a senior student in her secondary level. We came from the same school but, I was ahead of her for four years. Though we were neighbor just next door, but we don't talk.

Then, one day, when I was on my way home  I saw Alma in front of their house, We talked for quiet awhile and I mentioned to her about my friend, Bong. She got so interested.

From then on, Alma & I became close friends. She keeps asking me about Bong. I decided to introduce them to each other, but how ? I keep asking myself. That time I was also busy in my studies. Bong was very far from us.

Then, one day, I found myself talking to him over the telephone and gave him the telephone number of Alma. After I had finished talking to him, I immediately informed Alma of the matter. She became very excited and interested on the otherhand.

Days passed by, my mom called me inside my room informing me that i have  a telephone call. It was Bong. I was surprised when he told me that he and Alma has a sort of mutual understanding already without my knowledge.Though they didn't met in person but, they constantly talked over the telephone. I confirmed the matter to Alma and she said, " yes",  and I was happy for them.

Sometimes life is unpredictable & things happens out of the blue. One Easter sunday evening, i got a phone call ( Actually, my family & I  just got home from a week's vacation - out of town). When i answered the phone, no one was on the other line, but just a strange sound. Alma got a phone call also. When our telephone rings exactly their telephone rings also. What a coincidence, we cannot tell. Both our telephone rings three times exactly the same time and no one answered just a strange sound.

We don't mind that phone call, untill came the following day. I received a call from Bong's best friend, Rhell. At first, he was so quiet and I ask him why? then, he started crying telling me that he killed his best friend by accident. I was really shocked, and no words came from my mouth. I started crying also. ( Oh, that was Bong who ring us last night but no one answered just a strange sound, a sound coming from a grave).And according to Rhell, that, they are cleaning the empty guns and decided to play it. But, they make sure that those guns were empty of shells.

" Bang ! " was  Bong's first turned when he aimed the gun to his best friend, Rhell. But when it was Rhell's turned, on his surprised a bullet came out directly on the face of his best friend Bong. That was a very bad nightmare to him, because his very best friend died on his arms.

Same that day, I received a call from an investigator that i was also under investigation. I said why ?, he told me that Rhell won't cooperate to them he wont talked to them. The investigator told me that i am the only person that can help them solve the case because Rhell confided to me everything what happened the night of the shooting.


Upon learning of what happened, I informed Alma of the incident and she was in tears also. It hurt the more to her and i have to console her. We decided to go in his funeral, but we cannot catch it, we came so late. The place was so far from our place and we even lost our way.

In front of his grave, tears again are falling down to our face. Though it was so warm when we were there but, we don't feel it. A shadow was covering us and a very cold wind has passed by. Alma met Bong not in person but in front of his grave. Warm tears are falling down my face when i am composing this sad love story.

Why it should have to end this way. Life is sometimes full of mysteries, there are many things that we have no control over whatsoever. What happens in real life isn't what we expect. By the way, Bong was applying for his scholarship from a two prestigious universities because his parents cannot afford to support his education due to financial aspect. He died on Easter Sunday and the following day was the release of the exams. And he was so excited to know the result of these exams. The result - he both pass the exams but to no avail...

Death is only a place everyone goes through but the love remains strong in the hearts of those who remains. 

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